Shaping a Positive Future for Campbell River

Jordan Ell

Director of Technology
Campbell River
British Columbia


I grew up in Regina Saskatchewan. Moved to Victoria to attend the University of Victoria. Received my bachelors Degree in 2013 and completed a Masters in Science in 2014. All throughout high school and university I was programming, creating small video games, bots, websites and more. During my Masters degree, I co-founded Riipen and have been it's director of technology since then. During my time at Riipen, I also have worked at several other software jobs while I supported the company starting. I work from home, love sports, books, and board games!

Community involvement

Being new to Campbell River I am not yet involved in the community. I would like to start a computer programming camp for youth and tech them how to harness the power of computers and show them career paths they might not otherwise be shown living in a small town.

Social interaction

I can usually be found at the Strathcona Gardens for drop in hockey, or at the Sportsplex playing squash, and basketball. My wife and I love hosting dinner parties and games night at our house where we play party, card, and board games.

Professional development

I have a network of personal advisors, made up of business professionals, investors, chief technology officers, and more. This network extends across Canada, and I have standing appointments with a few of these mentors every 2 months. I am also actively involved in 1 on 1 coaching with other computer programmers to help strengthen their skills. Business networking I am involved in meet-up groups in Victoria and Vancouver which promote start up software companies, computer programmers, and technologies.